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             13th Annual MBI Invitational on Cass Lake

                                  Sunday September 17, 2017

2017 MBI Tournament Itinerary

 ·      Monday September 11th  Each club’s team roster must be submitted to the Tournament Director by Midnight.  Please email rosters to:

Jeff Wycinski (Jeff.Wycinski@takata.com) Phone (810) 706-0258

Cass Lake shall be OFF-LIMITS from Monday (Midnight) September 11 until blast off on Sunday September 17th.   Cass Lake will be off limits to the entire clubs membership, fishing the MBI or not.

·       Sunday September 17th   Tournament day.  Check-in begins at 5:00 am to 6:15 am. Any substitutions will be made at this time. Blast off numbers will be drawn by each MBI team.

·       Pre-Tournament Meeting 6:15 am all participants must be present at this meeting. There will be a short recap of the rules, times and procedures as well as any decisions that need to be addressed. 

·       Boat Launch and line-up Will commence at 6:30 am to 7:00 am

·       Blast Off  Will commence at 7:00 am or SAFELIGHT and when all boats are in the water and lined up in an orderly fashion. Each boat must go at least 20 yards past blast off boat before coming up on plane.

·       Tournament Hours  7:00 am to 3:00 pm  All contestants will remain in their own boats with the exception of an emergency or foul weather that requires seeking shelter. Contestants may leave the boat to visit the restroom.

·       Afternoon Check-in  Must be completed by 3:00 pm.  A member of our club will be in position to check-in boats as they return to blast-off location.

ALL BOATS MUST CHECK-IN NO MATTER WHAT TIME THEY RETURN. THIS IS TO ASSURE THE HOSTING CLUB THAT NO BOAT IS LEFT ON THE WATER AND IN DISTRESS.   In case of emergency call 911, and then call number given at pre-tournament meeting to let hosting club know of any delays. Any boat not returning to blast off location will be considered a lost boat and will be the responsibility of your club to notify the proper authorities.   

·       Big Bass and Big Creel Pot  (75% Big Creel and 25% Big Bass) $10 optional money pot.

·       Protests  Will be addressed at 3:00 pm to 3:15 pm, they must be filed verbally then in writing by the clubs representative with the exception of weight and size of fish during weigh-in.

·       Food and Drinks will be offered at 3:00pm 

·       Weigh-In  Will start at 3:15 pm. Only 4 weigh-in bags will be released at a time to minimize mortality. Clubs will weigh-in as a team during their appropriate time. YOU MUST USE HOSTING CLUBS BAGS TO WEIGH-IN OR FACE DISQUALIFICATION.

Note: Due to minimal boat spaces please trailer your boat prior to weigh-in

·       Scales closed After all clubs have weighed in their catch, weights will be tallied and the results announced.

·       Awards Presentation All awards and prizes will be awarded at this time and the winning club will announce the lake for next year’s MBI.

·       This year’s Tournament Director   Jeff Wycinski (810) 706-0258

         Money should be sent to: (Checks made out to Dean Van Ryckeghem)

Dean Van Ryckeghem

5155 Welch Road

Emmett, Michigan  48022