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Michigan Bass Invitational
Tournament Rules and Regulations


1) PARTICIPANTS & ELIGIBILITY: Participation and Eligibility is restricted to the top eight available anglers from the eight participating clubs. A list of each club's team of anglers must be in the hands of their Tournament Director for that year, no later than five (5) days before the invitational. Any club that does not provide the list on time will be penalized at the rate of one (1) pound per day to be deducted from the clubs total weight for that tournament until this list is provided.

2) OFF LIMITS: Off limits will be determined and set each year at the annual meeting.

3) LEGAL FISH: Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, minimum length of 14 inches or more on the longest straight line with mouth closed. Official measure will be by pro bass keeper board. PENALTY FOR SHORT FISH WILL BE THE LOSS OF THE SHORT FISH AS WELL AS LOSS OF THE BIG FISH FOR THE BOAT WITH THE SHORT FISH. No courtesy bumps will be allowed.

4) SCORING: Tournament standings, auxiliary awards and final winners shall be determined by pounds and ounces or digital equivalence. The limit shall be Five (5) of the above species, per Boat. Tournament officials will conduct checks. If limit violations are found the Boats largest Bass shall be culled first, down to the limit described, followed by the Boats Largest Fish as a penalty.

5) DON'T KILL YOUR CATCH: Each competitor is expected to keep their catch alive by the use of a proper live-well. THERE WILL BE A ONE POUND PENALTY FOR EACH DEAD FISH.  Competitors are also not allowed to cull any dead fish.

6) TACKLE & EQUIPMENT: Only artificial bait is allowed

7) SAFETY: You must follow all Michigan and local fishing and watercraft laws. "NO WAKE MEANS NO PASS" During tournament hours, A COAST GUARD APPROVED PFD MUST BE FULLY FASTENED AND VISIBLE WHILE THE OUTBOARD MOTOR IS RUNNING. Failure to do so means disqualification of that boat. NO EXCEPTIONS! It is mandatory that kill switches be used anytime the Outboard Motor is running.No contender may fish from a standing position while the combustion engine is in gear.

8) NO ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS: Communication devices such as cell phones, radios and CBs may be used for emergencies only.

9) BLAST OFF: Teams will draw for the starting position. The host club will supply the starting boat.

10) OFFICIAL CHECKPOINT: There will be only one (1) official point for checkout in the morning and check-in, in the afternoon. A PENALTY OF ONE (1) POUND PER MINUTE FOR ANY BOAT LATE, UP TO FIVE (5) MINUTES. AFTER FIVE (5) MINUTES THE BOAT WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

11) OFFICIAL WEIGH-IN: Weigh-in will start immediately after the tournament completion. Any protests must be lodged BEFORE weigh-in starts unless it pertains to the fish being weighed at that time.

12) OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT HOURS: The official time will be kept by the Tournament Director for that year. You must set your watch to match his or hers. Tournament hours will be determined by the Tournament Director, and announced at the Annual Meeting

13) PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS: Fishing on tournament water is permitted anywhere except; Within 50 FEET of another competitors boat which was first anchored. A boat is considered anchored only if itís tied to an object or has anchor line over its side with the trolling motor out of the water. No such anchored boat shall permit selected competitors to fish within 50 FEET claimed by him or her to the exclusion of any competitor. All angling must be done from the boat. Contestants must leave and return to the official checkpoint by boat. Partners must remain in sight of each other's catch to be scored in that day's tournament, except in case of emergency.

14) SPORTSMANSHIP: All teams are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation. Any team who displays poor sportsmanship, violates these rules or any state or local laws or brings unfavorable publicity to the MBI or the sport of bass fishing will be disqualified.

15) NO ALCOHOL: Alcohol or controlled substances are not permitted prior to or during the tournament, including weigh-in. Violation of this rule will be disqualification. CHAIRPERSON WILL ANNOUNCE THE COMPLETION OF THE TOURNAMENT.

16) VIOLATIONS: Any violation of these rules will result in disqualification of that boat.